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Business Owner

Laura A. Butler


Laura began her career in the banking industry as a Teller while simultaneously working toward her bachelor's degree in Finance at George Mason University. Upon graduation, she was promoted to Assistant Manager.  Laura returned to GMU and continued her studies completing the required courses to pursue a career in the Accounting field.

She subsequently was employed by the General Services Administration as an Auditor for 6 years.  With an auditor team she conduced both internal and contract audits to determine compliance with Federal Regulations. 


While raising her family, Laura sharpened her accounting skills by devoting part of her time preparing tax returns for individuals, volunteering as Treasurer with the PTA and the after school program "Hands on Science".  In addition, she owned and operated a small home business.

For the next 15 years, Laura honed her accounting and business skills as Controller and Director of Operations at a successful small start up in the Springfield, VA. area.

Laura continues to manage personal finances for her immediate and extended family which includes such facets as, the V.A., Aid & Attendance application process, nursing home and Medicaid matters, and Estate accounting preparation.

In her free time, she loves to volunteer, cook, garden and walk her dog. 


Laura is accepting new clients and is ready to assist you with your personal or business accounting matters!  

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